Edita Kaye is a new kind of author development expert. She introduced this agency to two outstanding authors in just a few months that we subsequently took to strong six figure deals with major publishing houses. Not only does she spot talent and potential but she helps develop projects, makes the right introductions and has a keen sense of contemporary book marketing. It is a pleasure working with her and with the talented writers she brings to us.

Larry Kirshbaum, Chief of Publishing  — Amazon Books
Founder LJK Literary Agency, NYC
Formerly Chairman Warner Books

Edita Kaye is a very talented book developer and broker. She has vision. She creates “killer” book proposals. She totally gets book marketing and has a powerful network of real movers and shakers in the publishing world. Not only that, but she works fast and actually does what she says she’s going to do. In my case she brokered a seven figure book deal for me in just a few short weeks!

Robert Shemin, Author, Wealth Builder, Speaker & Best Selling Author

Edita Kaye has been a great help to me in my endeavor to publish a book.  I first met Edita through a publisher and all who had contact with her were very complimentary.  She really knows the publishing business and what new things are happening on the internet.  She helped me with my web site and is helping me write a book about energy.  You will be very fortunate with an opportunity to participate with Edita in any of her endeavors.

Gordon Ettie,  Author – Power Plug-In

When I hired Edita Kaye to help with an 80,000 page fiction manuscript, it was the best move I ever made.  With her critique, help and guidance, she was able to improve my project immensely – which allowed me to have the manuscript ready for printing and delivery in time to meet my marketing objectives.  She continues to provide excellent consulting services as the marketing phase for my project is continuing and her experience has proven to be a great asset to me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Edita Kaye to anyone looking for a communications professional.

Ron Whittington,  Author – Second Strike

Edita Kaye carried out some highly professional and invaluable in support of publishing my first book. Apart from the very perceptive and persuasive book summary and promotion documents she prepared, she gave my some very helpful advice that I needed and very much appreciated.

David Wortley, Author – Gadgets to God

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